Senin, 22 Februari 2016

Li'l Experience to Face the Big Problem

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In a friday night, I went out to a coffee shop with my friend. We went to a familiar coffee shop in Jogja, Legend Coffee, Almost all of teens in Jogja maybe know that place. But I don't wanna write about my date story, but I wanna write about an experience that i got. 

I picked up my friend at 7 p.m. We rode slowly to feel the windblows caressing our skin softly. When we arrived at the Coffe Shop, we ordered foods and drinks. Milkshake chocholate is my favorite drink so I ordered for it with french fries BBQ as an interlude between our coversation. After the waiter took our order list, we killed the time by talking about anyrhing that hugged our minds that time. In the middle of our conversation, we saw a cat walking around and came to customers that sat near me. That customers was 2 teen women and looked so histerical. They shouted, trying to repel the cat. Everyone looked at them. The cat was looked so scared and ran away to a waiter that brought a lot of foods order. The cat jumped to her clothes then she tried to repel the cat quitely. The cat was ran away left the Legend Coffee. After that, the waiter brought the food to the customer. 

The valuable experience that i got from that momment is, no matter how hard the problem. The situation would keep being fine depends on how our reaction on face the problems. The more we panic, the worse situation that we will face. So, we have to face the problem wisely and calmly if we want to find the solution.